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Protocol | Behavior Expectations

Central Kyokushin Karate members are part of a distinct martial arts family that works to improve their mind, body, and spirit through persistent effort, self-discipline, and dedication to learning and growth

With a strong focus on character development and service to others, student behavior – both in and out of the dojo – is governed by shared values and expectations specified in the 11 Mottos of Mas Oyama and the Central Kyokushin Karate Code of Conduct and Code of Life

All students are expected to behave in ways that promote effective, safe training, build respect for self and others, and encourage a healthy mindset and lifestyle. Successful growth of martial skill and ethical character is achieved by adherence to the 11 Mottos and the Central Kyokushin Karate Codes. 


Core Values

Principles that shape productive Kyokushin training and a healthy martial arts lifestyle.


Dojo Learning

Behaviors that ensure effective, safe training, development of martial skill, and growth over time. 


Lifestyle Goals

Aspirations to build a clear mind, a strong body, a durable spirit, and perfect one’s character.

Protocol | Language Expectations

Kyokushin karate is a Japanese martial art. Dojo terminology, body anatomy, and commands are expressed in Japanese and English, particularly for newer students. Over time, it is expected that each student learn basic Japanese terms and be able to understand and speak this way in the dojo.


Since learning any new language is challenging, we have prepared a document that contains standard phrases, mind-body terms, counting, position, basic techniques, stances, punches, strikes, blocks, kicks, and body part weapons. Students are expected to read, understand, and be able to use these terms over time. 

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