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Code of Conduct

Student behavior within the dojo is dictated by the Central Kyokushin Karate Code of Conduct. All students are expected to behave in ways that promote effective, safe training, build respect for self and others, and encourage a healthy mindset and lifestyle

Be respectful.

  • Bow as you enter and leave the dojo. 

  • Do not wear shoes in the training area. 

  • Pay close attention when instructors are speaking. 

  • Ask for instructor permission before entering or leaving the training area. 

  • Bow before and after working with someone. 

  • Do not argue or talk excessively during training. 

Be prepared to train.

  • Arrive on time. 

  • Maintain a clean and organized training space. 

  • Remove all jewelry and piercings before class. 

  • Line up properly by rank and experience. 

Regulate your behavior.

  • Immediately obey all instructor commands. 

  • Stay alert and focused during instruction and training. 

  • Do not teach others karate without instructor permission. 

  • Never provoke violence or be provoked outside the dojo. 

  • Always be aware of your surroundings and act accordingly. 

  • Defend yourself at all times. 

Consider the needs of others.

  • Always treat others with dignity and respect their diverse viewpoints, backgrounds, and lived experiences. 

  • Never use rank or status to unduly influence or manipulate others. 

  • Ask permission to work with or touch someone prior to doing so. 

  • Do not solicit, suggest, advance, use innuendo, inappropriately touch, or in any way sexually harass others.  

  • Do not train if experiencing transmissible illness. 

  • Inform partners of existing injuries prior to training with them. 

  • Advise partners to properly regulate training intensity. 

Present yourself in a clean, professional manner

  • Consistently clean and maintain your uniform and equipment. 

  • Keep fingernails and toenails properly groomed. 

  • Never train under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs. 

Communicate effectively.

  • Notify instructors if you will miss class.

  • Politely ask for clarification and seek insight as needed. 

  • Avoid all forms of verbal or behavioral rudeness or disrespect.  

  • Do not use profanity or vulgar language.

  • Inform instructors of any grievous violations of conduct codes. 

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