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We offer a range of classes to meet every need, whether you're a total beginner and have never done martial arts, are someone looking to achieve improved physical and mental health, are a competitive athlete, or have served as a police officer or in the military. We assess your existing physical and mental skills and build a customized developmental program to help you achieve your goals and aspirations.

Central Kyokushin Karate mixes time-tested martial arts fundamentals with the modern sciences of human physiology, cognitive development, physics, and nutrition. We emphasize:

  • Fitness (physical conditioning)

  • Kihon (basic techniques)

  • Kata (forms used to teach martial concepts)

  • Weapons (appropriate to age, experience, and belt level)

  • Self-defense (effective response to diverse attacks) 

  • Fighting (integrates striking, kicking, throws, and jiu-jitsu)

For full details and our class schedule, please visit our Training page. 

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