Testing for belt rank in Kyokushin Karate is a rigorous process. Designed to strip away self-doubt and maximize self-awareness, Kyokushin grading pushes the body to its physical and mental limits. What is left is a clarity of mind and purpose, a strong sense of accomplishment, and a dedication to continuous improvement.


Belt testing requires candidates to acceptably perform each component based on established criteria for each belt rank. IKO-Matsushima international criteria are used as grading foundation with additional requirements indicated by the branch chief. Each phase is indicated below. Testing begins with physical training, followed by technical execution of forms and weapons, and then practical self-defense. Kumite occurs at the end of grading and is the ultimate test of determination and fighting spirit.

Power Test

Physical conditioning for endurance, basic techniques

Self Defense

Hand-to-hand techniques against single and multiple attackers 


Traditional forms demonstrated at basic and advanced levels


Throws, takedowns, submissions, and ground fighting


Traditional weapons including nunchaku, escrima, bo, tonfa, and sai


Bare-hand integrative fighting against consecutive opponents

Rank Requirements


Orange 1 | Requirements

Orange 2 | Requirements

Kyokushin belt rank is not given - it is earned. Criteria required for each belt rank are provided below. Rank requirements may be adjusted based on the developmental level of a child or older adults with more limited physical abilities. Junior belts typically include a white stripe in the colored section of the belt (not shown). 


Yellow 1 | Requirements

Yellow 2 | Requirements


Green 1 | Requirements

Green 2 | Requirements


Brown 1 | Requirements

Brown 2 | Requirements


Black 1 | Requirements

Black 2 | Requirements

Requirements by Group

Grading criteria are also organized by group across belt ranks. This helps each student to determine the development progression needed to progress in a specific area of karate training. 

Forms and concepts
Weapons and concepts
Rolls, Falls, Throws
Techniques to dissipate attacker energy.
Self Defense
Single and multiple attacker techniques.
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