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Kyokushin tournaments provide an opportunity for students who wish to challenge themselves above and beyond normal training, and build relationships with people from around the region and world. Tournament competition is not required for training, which focuses primarily on holistic development of each individual. For those so inclined, Kyokushin tournaments are a rigorous endeavor, requiring many hours of focused training, conditioning, application of advanced technique, and strong persistence. Our dojo has participated in many domestic and international competitions and formed many friendships.  

Tournament Results

Tournament Results



2019 Kyokushin Open

Here are the results of the 15th Annual Kyokushin Open Tournament.


Kumite Youth

Kumite Women

Kumite Men

  1. Rob Westre (Eastside Kyokushin)

  2. Paul Hixon (Seattle Kyokushin)

  3. Jesse Maxwell (Central Kyokushin)

Junior Superfights

  1. Abel Melton (Central Kyokushin)

  2. Benjamin Urlacher (Central Kyokushin)


  1. Bobby Robinette (Central Kyokushin)

  2. Tristden Zug (Independent)


Junior Beginner I

  1. Ashley Higdon (Central Kyokushin)

  2. Markus Jensen (Central Kyokushin)

  3. Adrian Smith (Keishindo)


Junior Beginner II

  1. Louis Newman (Eastside Kyokushin)

  2. Taiyo Furutani (Eastside Kyokushin)

  3. Titus Melton (Central Kyokushin)

Adult Women (Best of 3 Rounds)

  1. Lilliaunna Melton (Central Kyokushin)

  2. Ravinna Hixon (Seattle Kyokushin)

  3. Mahealani Davis (Black Tiger Muy Thai)

Adult Men (Best of 3 Rounds)

  1. Nestor Rodriques (Keishindo)

  2. Bobby Robinette (Central Kyokushin)

  3. Rob Westre (Eastside Kyokushin)


Adult Men (Bare Knuckle)

  1. William Burress (Central Kyokushin)

Jesse Maxwell (Central Kyokushin)

Tournament Results


Kyokushin Open_Flyer_2018.jpg

2018 Kyokushin Open

Here are the results of the 14th Annual Kyokushin Open Tournament.


Kumite Youth

Kumite Women

Kumite Men


  1. Rob Westre (Eastside Kyokushin)

  2. Joshua Reingold (Eastside Kyokushin)

  3. Chris Goodsel (Tricities Kyokushin)



  1. Skylar Smith (Central Kyokushin)

  2. Gregory Campbell (Eastside Kyokushin)

  3. Sophia Sasouvana (Eastside Kyokushin)

Kids I

  1. Gregory Campbell (Eastside Kyokushin)

  2. Addison Campbell (Eastside Kyokushin)


Kids II

  1. Nathan Walker (Seattle Kyokushin)

  2. Nikita Shaprio (Seattle Kyokushin)

  3. Lilliaunna Melton (Central Kyokushin)


Kids III

  1. Rob Westre (Eastside Kyokushin)

  2. Sophia Sasouvana (Eastside Kyokushin)

  3. Eleni Fein (Central Kyokushin)

  1. Noam Halcott (Central Kyokushin)

  1. Jeremiah Cortez (Tricities Kyokushin)

Adult Women (round robin)

  1. Brenna Stratton (Central Kyokushin)

  2. Skylar Smith (Central Kyokushin)

  3. Ravinna Hixson (Seattle Kyokushin)

Adult Men (round robin)

  1. Dustin Johnson (Seattle Kyokushin)

  2. Ethan Lycan (Central Kyokushin)

  3. Christopher Goodsel (Tricities Kyokushin)