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Tournaments provide a great opportunity for students to take their training to the next level. Here you'll find a range of international and domestic tournaments in which we participate.

Kyokushin Open Tournament

This annual regional tournament features competitive kata and kumite with pads. Open to all styles and competitors. 


Kyokushin Challenge Tournament

This annual tournament features full-contact bare knuckle kumite and competitive kata. Open to all styles and competitors. 


All World Tournament

Designed for elite competitors, the IKO Matsushima World Tournament in Japan represents the pinnacle of full-contact bare knuckle martial arts. Featuring no weight classes, each bare-knuckle competitor must quality to compete and represent their country against the best athletes in the world. This Olympics-level event features fighters from over 40 countries.


World Cup Tournament

Similar to the World Open tournament, the IKO Matsushima World Cup is a full contact, bare knuckle tournament and must qualify to represent their country. Unlike the World Open, competitors fight in weight classes. The World Cup rotates from country to country. Recent venues include Shanghai, China, Durban, South Africa, and Estepona, Spain.

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