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Senpai | Les Peratovich

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My Story


Les Gooch Leech Peratrovich 

When I was in my late teens, I learned combat tactical defense and over the years I have trained in defensive tactics and self-defense. My formal martial arts karate training started when I was 46 years old.  I trained in Shudokan Karate earning Shodan.  

After earning my black belt in Shudokan I wanted to improve my karate skills and fortunately Kyokushin Karate was in Ellensburg, Washington.

During my first meeting with Shihan Quitadamo, I asked Shihan, “How long do you plan to live in the Ellensburg, Washington area and do you plan to earn tenure at Central Washington University?”
Shihan told me, “He doesn’t plan on moving from Ellensburg, this is home.” I then advised him once I start training Kyokushin it will take an act of God for me to stop. I wanted a true home for my martial arts training. 

During the 14 plus years training Kyokushin, I have discovered that it isn’t a competition with other students; what I put into the training is the reward. To me belt rank (although a nice reward) isn’t as important as the training and learning. The Kyokushin mindset has taught me that my body may not be physically 100% every day, but I will still give my best and grow as a student, martial artist, and person. Kyokushin keeps me physically fit, strengthens my mental toughness, and increases my situational awareness. I will never stop training. 

I am fortunate to be part of Shihan Quitadamo’s dojo and the worldwide Kyokushin family.
I will train Kyokushin Karate the rest of my life in the pursuit of the “Ultimate Truth”. 


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