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Kancho | Y. Matsushima

President. Inheritor. Master. Leader.


Yoshikazu Matsushima was born on April 23rd, 1947. Kancho Matsushima started training karate at the Ikebukuro dojo in Tokyo, Japan in 1965. He was a student of Sosai Oyama.

He has taught karate around the world, has appeared in magazines, television shows and movies promoting the Kyokushinkai. Matsushima Kancho was selected to appear in Sosai’s book “Advanced Karate”. In 1989 he was awarded a special presentation by Sosai Oyama for promoting Kyokushin Karate!

As one of the very first Branch Chiefs appointed, Matsushima, Kancho has been training, teaching, and promoting Kyokushin for more than 45 yrs. He is totally dedicated to and focused on the preservation and positive growth of Sosai’s karate!

Yoshikazu Matsushima was elected as President of the International Karate Organization Matsushima Group in November of 1998. Kancho continues to travel around the world sharing his knowledge and expertise of the “Kyokushin” style of karate.

Kancho Matsushima continues the legacy of Sosai Mas Oyama. He provides international leadership for over 70 countries that are part of the I.K.O. Matsushima Group. He continues to inspire experienced and new students through his teaching. 

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