CENTRAL Kyokushin karate


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Ever since I can remember I've loved anything and everything that comes from Japan. When I was 3 years old, my parents hosted Japanese exchange students to live with us. I was introduced to fascinating food, cartoons, video games and new language. At 11 years old, I began training in Shorin Ryuu Matsumori Kenpo. It was very fun, and within a year I made it to brown belt, but when training fees increased, I couldn’t train any more. However I always felt that someday I would train karate again when it was possible.

After studying Japanese for three years in high school I worked as a missionary in Japan for two years. While there I became fluent in Japanese and my love for Japanese culture and its people grew. After returning home, I began college studies at Highline Community College, and then BYU Idaho, where I took TaiChi, Yoga, and fencing classes. I met Melissa in a fencing class in college, and we married on July 25th 2009. Melissa and I transferred to Central Washington University in September 2009. While walking through the student union building, Melissa and I discovered the CWU Karate Club table. I immediately wanted to join the Karate club and train, as I had been missing karate training for 15 years.

​Our first day was very exciting, especially after learning it was Kyokushin and was full contact. These guys were actually hitting each other! The physical conditioning was also high. I had always been the fat kid with skinny arms, and I knew with certainty that Kyokushin would change that. I began researching Kyokushin. After watching several legendary fights, learning more about Sosai Oyama, and exploring the “world's strongest karate”, I became fascinated with Kyokushin. I strongly desire to train in Kyokushin for the rest of my life. Kyokushin will not only help me to stay physically fit; it will also strengthen my mental will and increase awareness. Kyokushin has become a very high priority in my life, and I have full confidence it will continue to provide many opportunities for growth. I want to master everything that Kyokushin has to offer. In the process, I also hope to master myself.


braden bennight